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Safe, effective oil tank removal.

Safe and Efficient Oil Tank Removal in Seattle, WA

Just because an old oil tank is out of sight underground, that doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. Rusting and abandoned oil tanks pose a risk to soil and property because of their very nature. Oil seeping out of a corroded tank will contaminate the soil and could easily make its way into the groundwater as well. In extreme cases, there might even be a risk of fire or explosion. For your tank removal in Seattle, WA, let our team at CNR Tanks provide the service you need.

We are fully certified and have more than ten years of experience serving clients in the area, so you know our work is done right.

A Relic of the Past

In many cases, oil tanks are relics of the past as homeowners and business switch to other forms of heating rather than oil furnaces. Many properties now rely on electricity or natural gas instead. If you make the switch at your property, it’s a good idea to include heating oil tank removal in your plans. In that way, you won’t be saddled with a large cleanup bill down the road if the tank leaks.

A Focused Approach to Cleanup

No matter how careful and conscientious you are sometimes a tank leaks before you can have it removed. Maybe you just moved into a home and were planning to have the tank taken out, but corrosion forced you to act quicker than you intended.

Regardless of the reason that you’re dealing with a leaking tank, environmental cleanup should be at the top of your list. It’s a step that shouldn’t be put off because the quicker you get the soil remediated, the lower your expenses and the impact on the environment.

Keeping Things Clean and Green

We are locally owned and operated, and that means we are part of the community. As such, we like to see our area kept as safe and clean as possible. It gives us a sense of satisfaction when we remove an old oil tank because we know that is one fewer pollution risk.

Contact us to learn more information about our tank removal and cleanup services. We proudly serve customers in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding area.

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10 Years of Experience

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